Why Generating Online Reviews Is Worth the Investment

Online reviews in the digital age are integral to business success. The opinions of your past customers aren’t just briefly considered by future customers — they are actively sought out. Reputation management is less a luxury and more a necessity when it comes to modern marketing and business presentation.

But it’s not enough to just know this. You need to have the detailed arguments to back up the business case for investing in reputation management. Reputation management services like review generation add value to your company.


What Customers Say About You Matters

Up to 88 percent of consumers report that online reviews are one of the factors they consider when making a buying decision. And 40 percent of people form an opinion after reading one to three reviews. So all the time you spend telling your prospective customers you’re great? It doesn’t matter — they want to hear it from someone who can corroborate your story.

Positive reviews directly lead to action; 23 percent of customers head right to your store after reading sparkling online reviews.

Maybe the newspaper was all business owners had to worry about a few decades ago, but today, what anyone posts online could completely change the perception of a company in the eyes of the public. And whether it’s negative or positive, it will directly affect the success of your business.

Online Reviews: A Key Piece of the Puzzle

It’s hard to start a reputation management campaign if you don’t have a reputation to begin with. That’s part of the rationale behind using an online review generation service. What better way to establish a stellar digital image than proactively getting public reviews from your best customers?

The best review generation tools (aka Accrue Reviews) offer you a way to speak with your distressed and dissatisfied clients directly. That way, their negative take doesn’t go public before you’ve had a chance to intervene.

Feed Your Marketing Machine

Another great benefit to getting online reviews is that you can use them for marketing. Sharing testimonials on your social media pages and your website is a powerful way to get the word out about what you can do for your customers. Public content is up for grabs, so feel free to use online reviews to feed your marketing machine.

Build Trust — It’s Invaluable

When a business has a number of online reviews, the customer perceives it as transparent and trustworthy, especially when the vast majority of the reviews are positive. Credibility is important, especially in an age where data security is one of the top concerns of the buying public. Honest reviews are essential to building trust with your target audience.

It Drives Local and Organic Search

Finally, online reviews add value by driving website traffic. They make it more likely that your business will show up in search engines for the services you provide, because every review adds content published with your name and industry information. It’s a great way to boost your organic and local search traffic, and drive your business forward.

Use Accrue Reviews to get the online reviews your business needs — schedule a demo today.