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Our automated feedback and review system makes it easy to encourage happy customers to share their experience. Simply enter their email and/or phone number in the dashboard and Accrue Reviews automatically sends an email and/or SMS text message to your customer, client, or patient requesting their feedback. Your message directs happy customers to the review sites of your choice to leave your business a review; while directing less than happy customers to a more private space for sharing their valuable feedback. Accrue Reviews is the easy and effective way to get more 5-star reviews on your online business profiles.

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How it Works

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  • Accrue Reviews Service

    • SMS (text) and Email your customers the link to your personalized feedback & review page
    • Easy to use dashboard for SMS and email management
    • Open, click & review statistics
    • Personalized feedback landing page
    • Website widget to use on own website
    • Review monitoring
    • Automatic and manual sending options
    • Mobile friendly
    • 70+ reviews sites and growing
    • Negative feedback filtering
    • Negative feedback alerts and management
    • HIPPA compliant security
    • Platinum Support (same day response)
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Why encourage online business reviews from happy customers?

Let's face it, people are busy. Most customers won't take the time to leave your company an online business review after a good experience. Accrue Reviews is designed to encourage your best customers to leave you a positive review by making it as quick and easy as possible. Worried about negative feedback? It will be filtered to a more private environment. This way you can benefit from the feedback, while still protecting your online reputation. It's the best of both worlds! It’s not enough to tell the world you’re the solution to their problem you need your cu...

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