How to Fix a Bad Review on Google

If you’re looking for ways to fix a bad review on Google, you’re not alone. Google is one of the most important and popular sites for reviews and what they say has a big impact on your brand.

It’s normal to be concerned when people make negative comments or unfounded claims.

However, don’t let one bad review get you down. Having a small percentage of negative reviews actually benefits your brand. Consumers are skeptical when they see a perfect 5 stars. It makes them think that the reviews are fake.


If you’re still worried about a bad review, there are some things you can do.

1. Dispute It

There are trolls on the internet who derive pleasure from being mean. Sometimes they’ll leave comments or reviews that are blatantly false, misleading or defamatory.

In these cases, you should report them. With Google reviews, you can flag the comments as inappropriate. Then after a week, you should follow up with customer support and see how the review process went.

It’s important to note that you should only flag reviews that you believe are made up and fraudulent. You should never try to remove a real customer review, even if it is negative.

2. Dilute it with Positive Ones

The more positive reviews you have, the less impact one negative review will have. Not only that, but the positive reviews will drive more business your way.

Petitioning reviews is an important part of every transaction. And with Accrue Reviews, you’ll be able to get authentic and positive reviews from your customers with ease.

3. Respond Quickly

Whether the review was positive or negative, responding quickly is a good habit to start. This shows future customers that you care about their experiences both during and after the purchase.

Stay cordial, friendly and calm. At times, it will feel tempting to tell rude customers what you really think about them, but this will only result in negative branding.

4. Fix What You Can

You can’t change how a customer reacts. What you can do is eliminate some of the issues that lead to negative reviews.

For example, if you’ve seen an increase of poor reviews because your technicians are consistently late, work on improving employee punctuality.

Learn to Fix a Bad Review on Google

Never neglect your reviews on Google. This one search engine has the power to direct millions of customers your way. By following these steps, you’ll be able to successfully navigate through the effects of a bad review.

If you need help avoiding bad reviews and accruing good ones, talk with our team here at Accrue Reviews. Our system helps you keep your negative reviews private and your positive ones public. Call us today to learn more about how our innovative system helps you fix a bad review on Google.