5 Tips for Improving Your Online Reviews the Old-Fashioned Way

As much as you might like to find a quick and easy shortcut, the most effective (and cost-effective) way to improve your online reviews is often the old-fashioned way.

What’s the old-fashioned way? It involves nothing more than getting your priorities straight and making the effort necessary to ensure your customers are happy. You’ll get better reviews along with glowing testimonials, enthusiastic referrals and all the social media love you need to  and propel growth.

Tips for improving your online reviews

No. 1: Align Your Business Goals with Service

Companies that prioritize profit above all else tend to have much lower customer ratings in their online reviews. If you prioritize customer service and satisfaction first, both profits and ratings will improve. This may mean a radical adjustment to your company culture but the benefits that result will be well worth the effort.

No. 2: Revamp Your Processes & Procedures

A great customer experience is the foundation of building a strong base of happy customers. Evaluate your processes and procedures – both customer-facing and internal – to identify the areas where you may be failing your customers procedurally. If you aren’t sure where to start, take time to talk to your customers to identify where you could be doing a better job for them.

No. 3: Don’t Forget the Reverse Supply Chain

The reverse supply chain refers to everything that happens from the time of purchase onward. Depending on your business model, this could include returns, exchanges, warranty repairs and customer support. If you aren’t making it as easy as possible for your customers to get the help they need after they make a purchase, you are missing out on opportunities for increasing satisfaction and improving your online reviews.

No. 4: Communicate with the Customer

Never assume that no news is good news. Today’s consumer is much less likely to contact you if they’re dissatisfied than they were even a decade ago. Instead, they’ll take to social media and online review sites to express their displeasure without ever giving you a chance to make it right. You can reach out to them to ask if they need assistance or, if your business model doesn’t support that approach, don’t let them complete their purchase without providing everything they need to reach you if they should need help.

No. 5: Make It Easier for Customers to Share the Love

Once you have all the other elements in place, give your customers a simple and elegant way to leave you a glowing online review. You can design a program yourself or – here’s the one place you can take advantage of a shortcut – you can use a program like the one offered by Accrue Reviews.

The revolutionary Accrue Reviews platform makes it easier for your customers to provide positive feedback in the form of an online review. And, if they aren’t thrilled with your business for any reason, our program makes it quick and easy for you to address their concerns and convert them into a satisfied, loyal customer.

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