How to Get Honest Customer Feedback

Launching a campaign to get customer feedback can be intimidating. You want to deliver the best possible product or experience and learning to better serve your customers is essential. But where do you start? With a simple customer survey.

Remember, surveys are only worthwhile if they’re designed to have the customer answer as honestly as possible. Whether you’re talking to your customers in person or sending an email, asking the questions below can help get their honest opinions.


 “Where Can We Improve?”

Don’t ask yes-or-no questions. Assume you can improve, since it’s more than likely true. Every business has weaknesses, and you can discover them faster when your customers tell it like it is. “How can we do better?” is another way of phrasing this question. Encourage open-ended responses.

“What Would Keep You from Recommending Us?”

This question is another chance for them to open up about any problems they may have experienced. The true test of customer loyalty is whether they will become your brand ambassadors and recommend you to their family, friends and neighbors.

An answer to this might give you insight into why this isn’t happening, and what you can do to make it right.

“Will You Call Again/Come Back?”

When will you see your customers again? This will help them understand that you aren’t just looking to make a sale — you’re interested in building a relationship. Did they enjoy their experience enough to come back again? It’s a good test of the quality of your product or service.

Follow Up!

If you’ve put your customer feedback to good use and changed something about how your business operates as a result, tell them! Send them an email or announcement and share how their openness has helped you grow as a business.

When your customers show you loyalty through their honesty, it pays to follow up.

Once You Have a Pool of Happy Customers …

When you receive some honest customer feedback, why not make it public? Accrue Reviews will help you gain insight from your customer list, but most of all, we help you boost ratings on the sites that matter and privately respond to the customers who need relationship-mending intervention.

 We are here to help you keep your business’ reputation at a 5-star level through mobile-friendly review requests that connect you with your best customers.