How Are Facebook Reviews Different Than Google and Yelp?

Are Facebook reviews easier or harder to get? Are they more or less powerful than a Google or Yelp review? Should you prioritize Facebook over other review platforms?

If you’re asking any one of these questions, you’re probably a business owner who is at least slightly aware of the power of Facebook. Maybe you use it yourself, or you’ve had a customer or two tell you, “I heard about you on Facebook!”


While there are plenty of pros and cons to social media use in general, one fact is certain: It’s a great way for businesses to connect to local consumers. Facebook reviews are slightly different than Google or Yelp reviews, in a way you can use to your company’s benefit. How?

For Your Customers: They’re Already Used to It

From the customer’s standpoint, it’s so much easier to leave a Facebook review. Why? Because they’re already on the platform.

They don’t have to make sure they’re logged into the right Google account. They don’t have to create a Yelp profile. They’re already logged in on their phone, so when they get your push request to leave a review about their experience, it’s seamless.

This means they’re more likely to leave a review, and the data backs that up. BrightLocal’s Consumer Review Survey 2016 catalogued the ways in which consumers choose to recommend local businesses. Facebook led all platforms at 47 percent, with Google coming in second at 25 percent, Twitter third at 22 percent, and Yelp coming in fourth at 16 percent.


Your Customers Are Searching for You on Facebook

That brings us to the next point: 68 percent of consumers are searching for your business on Facebook. They don’t just use search engines. After all, they’re already on the social networking site, so why not see if the business has a presence there before deciding to patronize it?

Encouraging customers to leave Facebook reviews is a great way for you to stay active on the platform, communicate with the past happy clients who leave you feedback and overall present a complete image to your prospective customers.

Something Google and Yelp don’t have is an entire networking site connected to their review platforms.


For Your Business: You’re Already Used to It

On Yelp or Google, the method by which the business responds can be confusing — you need to make sure you’re using the right account and it’s hard to keep the conversation going with the reviewer. On Facebook, you enjoy the same benefit as your customers — you’re familiar with the platform. It’s easy to log in and respond to reviews because you’re used to it.


Your Facebook Page Shows up in Search Engine Results

Another misconception some business owners have is how to get these Facebook reviews seen by customers who aren’t on this social networking site. You’ll be happy to know that Facebook reviews show up in organic search results and give your business page a star rating the user can see without clicking to the platform.

And even if they do view your public page without being logged into a personal account, they can see your top reviews and get an idea of what people are saying.

Ready to Get Started?

If you’re just starting out collecting online reviews for your business, Facebook reviews are ideal to begin with, but even more effectively, you could use Accrue Reviews and work on building up all platforms at once. Call us today to learn more and let’s get that first review posted!