What Are Local Consumers Looking for in a Business?

You must understand what local consumers want in order to boost your business’s sales. What defining factor will cause them to choose your company over the competition? How can you gain an edge with generating online reviews?

local consumer reviews

Local online marketing is key to building a positive community reputation, and it starts with making a digital mark. Local consumers might drive by your office daily, but until they have a reason to visit, you may not get any foot traffic. You have to present your company as the best solution to their problem. You need positive online reviews.

The Data

BrightLocal’s annual survey on how local consumers digest online reviews gives small-business owners valuable information on what people are looking for in a local business. The data is the result of years of amassing answers from thousands of everyday local consumers, and this insightful data shows that the modern customer wants to see a digital, unbiased resume of your work before they commit.

#1: They Want to See Positive Reviews

Most consumers seek out an impartial online opinion on a local business before they contact the company. When asked whether they read online reviews before choosing a local business, only 9 percent of respondents said they never read online reviews. Over 90 percent of potential customers read online reviews either all of the time or most of the time.

Those reviews color their perception of your business before they even interact with you. Seventy-four percent of respondents said positive reviews make them trust a local business more, and 84 percent of respondents trust an online recommendation just as much as a personal opinion. Thirty-six percent read four to six online reviews before they’ll trust a local business.

Today’s local consumer doesn’t just call A-1 Plumbing because it’s the first company listed in the phone book. Today’s consumer is savvy, researching the business online and considering the results of their search before they even consider giving the company their business. They want upfront information.

What Do They Do Next?

The majority of customers — 54 percent — say that after reading positive reviews, their next step is to visit the business’s website. Online reviews are what get potential customers in the digital door. If you focus on developing a full profile of positive online reviews and create a successful sales funnel on your website, the sky is the limit.

Take Action

Local consumers will consider your business and they will prioritize you over the competition if you have positive reviews. So what should you do next?

Contact Accrue Reviews to learn more about our system. It’s designed to prompt happy customers to share their opinions and give you a chance to resolve any negative feedback. It’s the perfect solution for businesses that want to boost their digital reputation and give local consumers the in-depth information they’re looking for.