Small Businesses Can Get Great Online Reviews with the Right System

How can small businesses get great online reviews?

You can beat out your competitors and enhance your business’ digital reputation, but you need a system. Blindly asking (or simply hoping) for reviews rarely gets good results.

online reviews system

When You Don’t Have a Plan

What does your review request process look like? Does it involve one or all four of the steps below?

1. Wait and Hope for the Best

You do very best for your customers, all with their complete satisfaction in mind. You go the extra mile and deliver outstanding service. But then … you step back. You don’t ask for a review, you just wait and hope for the best.


2. Hope Your Clients Realize How Much Value You’ve Provided

If you do wind up asking for an online review, you may mention it casually and simply hope they’ll realize how much better their life is since they did business with you. You hope they’ll draw the conclusion you want, which is that you are the best choice in your industry, offering value that’s miles above the competition.

3. Hope They Come Back When They Need More Help

You serve your client once, then you hope that they’ll think of you again when they need your service or product. But sometimes it takes more than one experience with a business for a customer to be motivated to write an online review.

4. Hope They Take the Time to Write Something Meaningful

writingYou can’t tell your customers what to say, so you just cross your fingers and hope they say something good and mention specific selling points that will convince future customers to give your business a try.

When You Take the Smart Approach

Small businesses can get great online reviews when they have a game plan and they use a service like Accrue Reviews to build a solid digital reputation. How?

The Smart Approach

1. You Time Your “Ask” Perfectly

With your new review accumulation game plan, you schedule customer follow-ups at the right time, right after they’ve interacted with you, and your service or product is fresh in their minds. If they’re satisfied with what you’ve offered, they’re more than willing to write a quick online review when they’re asked. If they aren’t, you have the chance to salvage the customer relationship and then ask for a positive review.

Instead of randomly selecting old clients who may not remember how you helped them, take advantage of your happy customers while they’re still thinking of you.

2. You Clearly Outline How You’ve Saved Them Time and Money

When you ask for an online review, you do so armed with plenty of facts. If your service saved them money, you know exactly how much. If your team saved them time, you have a rough estimate of the number of hours you added back into their life.


By reminding them of these exceptional benefits, you’re giving them fodder they can use when writing their online review.

3. You Regularly Remind Them That You’re There for Them

Let’s say your customer had a great experience the first time, but perhaps needs even more exceptional service to become a true believer in your company and to leave a sparkling online review. Strategically capitalize on your initial relationship, regularly reminding that past customer how you’re there for them and you’re ready to provide future service whenever they need it.

4. You Explain How a Specific Testimonial Would Benefit Your Company

For the customers who love your business and want to help, specifically outline how online reviews will help you boost your reputation. You aren’t shy about talking about the power of online reviews and how a report of their good experience will not only help your business, but help others find what they’re looking for too!


Can You Tell the Difference?

Scenario one depends on a whole lot of hope, but a lot more strategic action takes place in scenario two.

At Accrue Reviews, we’ve established a system that eliminates questioning, wondering and hoping, and replaces them with confidence, action and results.

Small business can get great online reviews when they depend on us. Your company’s online reviews can make or break your success – shouldn’t you take them seriously? Call us today or sign-up online and start taking charge of your digital reputation with our easy-to-use, customer and business owner-friendly system.