6 Big Mistakes Business Owners Make When Managing Online Reviews

Managing online reviews isn’t for the faint of heart. But then again, neither is starting a business.

As a business owner, you are already aware of the power of your digital reputation. You probably hear it all the time.

“Oh, I found you on Yelp!”

“A Google review said I’d love this place!”


People your customers don’t even know are recommending you on public information platforms, and it’s paying off. On the other hand, sometimes what they might be reading isn’t so complimentary.

You know managing online reviews is a priority. So while you’re investing time in building good customer relationships online, make sure you don’t sabotage your efforts by making one or more of the six big mistakes listed below.

1. Managing One Platform Only

Sure, Yelp has pull with diners. But if you’re a restaurant, you should be managing online reviews on Google too! That’s where people are pulling up directions to your location. If your Yelp stars are high but your Google rating isn’t, you may lose traffic.

The same goes for companies in every industry. Don’t get carried away thinking that one platform has all the power. There are many different online review sites, and you should be checking all of them!

review platform

2. Ignoring What You Don’t Want to Hear

Paying no attention to the noise is good in some contexts, but when it comes to online reviews, this isn’t true. While you’re ignoring complaints, your prospective customers aren’t. They’re reading every single bad review, looking for the truth.

Either address the problem internally (if there really is a problem), or respond politely to the negative reviewer with respect. Never just ignore the bad reviews. It’s like an admission of guilt.

3. Encouraging Fake Reviews

You have to play by the rules, or else you’ll pay. Never encourage employees to leave fake reviews posing as happy customers. Never leave fake bad reviews on your competitors’ profiles either. This will get you banned from the platforms in question and it will look bad for your business.


4. Getting Too Personal

So one customer had an issue with your services. Don’t take it personally! They might be unreasonable and take out their frustration on you. Or maybe they have a legitimate complaint and it’s up to you to fix it.

Either way, don’t get angry or discouraged. This is business! Deal with the negative feedback in a practiced, calm manner and don’t take it to heart. If you have good intentions, you will find a way to make it right.

5. Letting Opportunities Slip Away

Managing online reviews means making a personal connection with your customer before they walk out the door and out of your life. If you hear great feedback from them verbally, ask if they wouldn’t mind leaving you an online review. Don’t let these opportunities to grow your online presence slip away!


6. Losing Sight of Your Main Goal

Ultimately, the goal isn’t to get all 5-star reviews all the time. The goal is to build a sustainable business that is successful for the long term. Reviews are just a tool to help get you to the finish line. Use them for their power, but don’t get too obsessed!

Do You Need Help?

Would it help if you had a system you could implement to generate good online reviews for your business? What if you could privately deal with negative feedback and funnel happy reviewers to the profiles where you need more social proof?

We can help. Managing online reviews is what we do, especially for busy business owners like you. Call Accrue Reviews today to find out more about how it works.