Online Reviews for Electricians Help Win New Customers

Compiling a long list of positive online reviews for electricians is essential for building a business or turning around a business struggling to maintain a steady flow of work. There is no room for error when it comes to your online review strategy — one of the most valuable assets for any skilled tradesman is their reputation.

online reviews electricians

Without a solid digital presence that backs up what your happy customers say in person, you’ll find that prospective customers choose the competition over you. Why? Everyone looks at online reviews. They are here to stay.

Ignoring Reviews Isn’t Effective

As a busy electrician, you don’t have time to surf the internet all day, but you must make time to monitor your online reviews. Whether you like it or not, customers will give online feedback about your business. How you respond to the negative posts and how energetically you solicit positive reviews is dependent on you.


What Are Customers Looking For?

Home and business owners want electricians who will show up on time, clearly explain what needs to be done and how much it will cost, then follow through, efficiently and quickly!

You might think, “I’m exactly who they are looking for!” If so, it’s time to start generating online reviews that say it. You can put information about yourself on your website, but potential customers put more stock in reviews. After all, 74 percent of consumers say online feedback helps them trust a business more, and 84 percent trust online reviews just as much as a peer recommendation.

You Might Not Show up on Search Results without Many Reviews

Here’s another way online reviews for electricians helps drum up business: It gets you seen. If a homeowner goes directly to Yelp to search for an electrician, your company might not even show up. Why?


Many people filter their Yelp results by “highest rated,” or “most reviewed.” More than 98 percent of electricians don’t show up when this filter is applied. This means if your competition has a wealth of online reviews and you only have five, consumers won’t be forced to choose between the two — they won’t even know you exist.

Online Reviews Tell Why You’re Different

The number of online reviews you have gets prospective customers looking at your business name, and the content of those comments helps them make their decision. When you ask customers for reviews, try to ask pointed questions that emphasize your stand-out characteristics to guide them. If you know how you differ from your competition and relieve the pain points of your customers, make sure these are the issues your happy customers highlight!

The Solution for Busy Electricians: Automated Review Requests

We know, we know. You don’t have to time to come up with a review generation system for your business. You’re too busy sending invoices, speaking with clients and doing electrical work most hours of the day! Your answer? Use Accrue Reviews.


We design a template that lets you immediately send an automated review request to every client you service. If they’re happy with your work, the review is posted to the site of your choice. If they aren’t, you have the chance to address any issues privately.

Accrue Reviews is the ideal system for generating online reviews for electricians. Ready to try it? Give us a call now!